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How to Stay on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 07, 2016

The house is clean, the ball has dropped, and the relatives have gone home, but the Internet and your friends continue to talk about 2016 resolutions. Should you write them down? Should you look at that list every day? How many resolutions should you have? Should they be vague or number-oriented? It’s no wonder that, out of approximately half of all adults to make a resolution, only 77 percent are on track a week into the new year, and 40 percent after 6 months.

Resolutions don’t have to be hard; we’re here to help make them simple.

Know Yourself

Surely you’ve seen and been impacted by friends’ resolutions on Facebook, but don’t be intimidated into making goals that aren’t right for you. Someone else might be ready to run a marathon in 2016; you might be ready for your first 5k. Your coworker might be diving into vegetarianism, but you might start with a resolution for morning smoothies, or trading the fast food breakfast for a GFMS breakfast burrito. Your sibling wants to read a book a week, but your travel schedule might make a dozen books this year a more manageable goal. In this context we can think of these peer pressures as “resolution guilt.” Making a goal based on someone else’s thought process is sure to be the goal you don’t achieve. Be realistic about yourself and your objectives, and your resolutions with fall into place.

breakfast burrito

Enlist Friends

Let’s say you made a resolution to run your first 5k. It might be intimidating to go out and run one alone, so enlist some friends! Maybe make try something that supports happiness and community, like a Color Run, where runners are doused with bright paint as they go. Or download a fitness app where you can track your progress alongside others, such as PumpUp or Under Armour Record. Regardless of your friends’ resolution goals, they might be inclined to help you out in a fun way and you’ll be more likely to complete a resolution if it’s enjoyable and social. The same can be said for so many other resolutions: create a book club, take a cooking class, or form a carpool.

This is for a better you

Resolutions can become stressful when rewards and punishments are associated with them. Don’t get frazzled by January 31, toss your list, and take the punishment you set for yourself; instead, work gradually. If you eat those chips one day and ruin your junk food resolution, don’t stress. Just re-focus, and start again tomorrow. The best way to think about resolutions might be as suggestions. You have a year to focus on goals you set for yourself, and the best reward for achieving—or surpassing—them is a better you.

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