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Easing the Transition to Fall Cooking

Sep 11, 2015

As the weather gets colder and we start pulling out sweaters and boots, our cooking transitions from cool and refreshing, to hearty and savory dishes. Roasts and stews; pumpkin and cranberry; chai and hot chocolate; we all know these classic tastes of fall. However, there is more produce in season throughout September, October, and November than you might expect. No need to rely on canned or frozen fruits and veggies, there are plenty of fresh options readily available!


Butternut and acorn squashes are fall staples, but try a new variety this season like buttercup, sweet dumpling, delicata, or chayote.

Tip: Every part of the sweet dumpling squashes can be eaten, so the roots and leaves make great additions to stews.


Don’t think fall means that only apples are in season. Pick up some key limes, pineapples, persimmons, passion fruit, kumquats, and grapes for refreshing sides or desserts. More classic fall fruits like gooseberries, crab apples, cranberries and date plums can offer a tangy bite to your seasonal desserts.

Tip: Waking up to a warm bowl of Good Food Made Simple Vermont Maple Oatmeal gets a fall morning off on the right foot. Try sprinkling in some cranberries or crab apple slices before microwaving for a new take on the fall fave.

More Veggies:

Swiss Chard, bok choy, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli; fall veggies are hearty and wholesome. Sautée them, stew them, or stick them on the grill for one last barbecue! Make sure to give turnips a chance as well!

Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman: Sunday Night Stew

Enjoy your fall foods, and be sure to share your favorites with us @GFMSimple!

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