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Egg-cellent Quick & Kid-Friendly Breakfast

Nov 15, 2011

We know that mornings can get a little hectic, but that shouldn’t mean sending the little ones out the door without some good brain food. It’s time to kick the sugar – laden cereals and bars to the curb, and instead give your kids (and you) something to cheer about. Here’s an idea that will fill your kids tummies and turn breakfast into an artistic adventure!

All you will need:

· Good Food Made Simple All Natural frozen Whole Egg Patty

· Fun cookie cutters (maybe hearts for a Valentine’s Day theme)

· Multi-grain bread

· A thin slice of cheese

· Ten minutes of your morning

From there it is quite simple: Pop the egg patties in the microwave for 90 seconds as the bread is in the toaster. Then let your kids have fun cutting silly shapes out of the egg patties and the toast and voila, you’ve got a heart (or whatever cutter you chose) shaped breakfast on the go!

Starting your kids off their day with a high-quality protein like that found in eggs will leave the little ones with 3 hours of energy and improved memory recall timing, according to the Incredible Egg. And remember our All Natural Whole Egg Patties [Link to product page] are equivalent to one large egg, plus we threw some extra egg whites in there.

What did you make with your breakfast sandwich? Send us a picture and we’ll send you a coupon!

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