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Fad Diets will Fade, But Clean Eating is Forever

Apr 10, 2014

Springtime is finally here and many of us are eager to start eating healthier and losing those few extra pounds we seem to have accumulated over the winter months.

So what’s the solution? The terms Paleo diet, juice cleanse, and Atkins have all been associated with the process of losing weight.  Although these fad diets have gained notoriety, they may not be the most effective in sustaining long-term weight loss or improving your unhealthy eating habits.


Instead of enduring a week of only consuming lemon juice and cayenne pepper, why not make a lifestyle change and start eating clean. No processed foods, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and colors. Incorporating fresh and all naturalfoods into your diet goes a long way and will do your body good. Always check the ingredient list on your packaged foods in the grocery store to make sure the food your feeding you and your family isn’t made up of chemicals and artificial substances.

The benefits of clean eating momentously outweigh the extra 30 seconds that it takes to read ingredient labels. Dietitians who have worked with patients that have incorporated clean eating into their diets have noted increased energy, enhanced mood, cleaner skin, and overall better sleep quality. Not to mention switching to eating cleaner foods will help you drop a few pounds.

This spring, we at Good Food Made Simple, urge you to try replacing that word “diet” with “clean eating” and soon you too will be on the road to looking and feeling better!



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