Father’s Day Favorites from Our Very Own Good Food Made Simple CEO – Good Food Made Simple

Father’s Day Favorites from Our Very Own Good Food Made Simple CEO

Jun 13, 2013

Special Father’s Day Post | Interview with George Gavris

This Father’s Day, Good Food Made Simple wanted to bring their home closer to yours. What better way to honor dads than to introduce you to one of our own: Co-founder, George Gavris! This father of two is no ordinary one at that, and on this special day, we had a few questions for the dad of GFMS!

Some dad’s like fishing, some like golf; but this year, what are you hoping to do with your family?

“As chance would have it, I’ll actually be camping out with my kids on Saturday and Sunday. Our town has a dad’s event centered around the camping event, so it’s not exactly like I’ll be alone. But, for a couple of 6-year olds (yes, I have twins), it’s a great deal of fun!”

Have you ever gotten any wise words from your father and what advice have you passed on to your kids?

“I’ve definitely gotten ‘words’ from my father. One can debate whether there was wisdom conveyed (Haha). Of course, you can’t help but learn from your parents and, in particular, my dad certainly offered a lot of guidance. I’m still learning to heed it.”

If you had to give up one chore this Father’s Day, which one are you giving up?

“That’s a tough one…I actually like puttering around the yard, so I don’t consider anything outside a chore. And, I do like grocery shopping since I’m always interested in seeing what’s new.”

Do you and your family have any special traditions that you still carry out?

“My wife is big on traditions…particularly around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. On the eve before Christmas, she’ll spend a good part of the day putting together a fish stew or bacalao. I think it brings back a lot of fond memories…and our kids really enjoy it, too.”

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Children never fail to make anyone laugh; what was the funniest thing any of your kids have said to you growing up?

“Most of things are just funny to us. I’m not sure that we have any budding comedians. However, my son and daughter are highly verbal and we’re routinely stunned at the thoughts and observations they share. At some level, they cut to the point much more quickly than most…so, the wheels are constantly turning!”

We all know, breakfast-in-bed is coined for mothers, but why is that?! What meal are you looking forward to the most this year?

“Yes, for Mother’s Day, that was the request, or should I say, one of the requests. For my wife, I think the breakfast-in-bed occasion is based on being served…which I totally get. It’s certainly not about the food. For me, meal-wise, I’m continually in search of good Italian and Mexican food. The former is very easy to find, particularly in Boston. Mexican food, truly authentic, is still very difficult to come by.”

What was your proudest moment of being a dad?

“I think the first time I really heard the words “that’s my dad,” it made me feel really special.”

It’s the weekend and you have nothing on your agenda, where can we find you?

“If my kids are otherwise entertained, I’d be on my bike. For me, it just helps clear my head and gets me completely relaxed.”

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