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How to Eat More Greens for Earth Month

Apr 19, 2016

In honor of Earth Month and with Earth Day just around the corner, we’re eating more greens here at Good Food Made Simple. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just increasing your daily servings of nutrient dense foods, we have a number of tasty, veggie meal options for you to choose from.

We like to start our mornings with a Spinach Scramble Breakfast Burrito. Or, if we want a little extra kick, the Southwestern Veggie Breakfast Bowl offers a spicy flavor punch and a delicious mix of egg whites, potatoes, veggies and salsa.

For lunch, we make something more filling using our Egg White Patties, which pack 6 grams of protein and are ready in 80 seconds:

Egg Sandwich Plus Cheese & Greens

While your egg white patty is in the microwave, toast two slices of your favorite whole wheat bread or English muffin. Slice some tomato and avocado, and top the egg with a slice of cheddar cheese. Finally, add a few sprouts for an easy and wholesome lunch.

Leftover Spinach and Brown Rice Bowl

Stuck with last night’s brown rice? Sauté some spinach and/or baby bok choy with your favorite soy sauce in a pan. While that’s cooking, reheat your rice in the microwave (pro tip: cover the rice with a wet paper towel to keep its freshness). Make a Good Food Made Simple egg white patty and assemble into a hearty lunch bowl. Top with sriracha if you dare!

If you want to spend a little less time cooking and more time eating, you can also try one of our veggie packed lunch burritos, such as the chicken and black bean. Pair it with a mixed green side salad to give it an even bigger nutrient punch!

How else do you use Good Food Made Simple to go green? Let us know at @GFMSimple!

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