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Keeping Your Memorial Day Cookout Clean

May 21, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off to the summer season, and also marks the beginning of cookout season. When we think of “cookouts”, we think of endless bowls of chips and dip, juicy burgers, and savory desserts that we just have to try – even when our stomachs are telling us we’re already full.KeepitClean-sm

While it may not be inconceivable to have a true Memorial Day celebration without these traditional foods, it is possible to keep the feel of a genuine cookout without all of the greasy and sugary side effects. We have found a few basic tips to help you incorporate a clean menu into your holiday gathering this year!

Stick to lean proteins. One easy way to mimic typical cookout-style food is to incorporate turkey burgers into the menu. They are a much leaner and heart-friendly food that can be just as delicious as regular beef burgers.

Add a skewer or kabob to your list. These are easy to make and do not require a fancy recipe; you can simply grill chicken or shrimp with some of your favorite vegetables and allow your guests to build their own dish!

Add a healthy twist to your side dishes. Cookouts are often full of dips and potato salads covered in piles of mayonnaise and other condiments. With just a few ingredient substitutions, you can turn your platter into something your body will be thankful for. Sweet potato fries are an easy and delicious alternative to salty, greasy french-fries. For your coleslaw recipes, use Greek yogurt instead of mayo to “clean up” the ingredients.

Fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can’t forget about dessert. It’s easy to just whip up a batch of cookies, or run out to the store and buy a cake, but there are much cleaner options that are still sweet and delicious. Fresh fruit can be sweet enough to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Even try pairing it with a Greek yogurt and honey dip!

So this year, be sure to keep these clean-eating tips in mind while you’re planning for your Memorial Day cookout.

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