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The Truth About (Processed) Turkey

Nov 20, 2014

With Thanksgiving next week, you might already be craving some turkey. While we love turkey (just check out our turkey sausage burrito or uncured bacon & turkey sausage breakfast bowl) not all of it is created equal. The keyword here is created.


If you pick up cold cuts from your local deli, odds are you’re purchasing processed meat. Processed meats are, according to an article from Women’s Health, “anything more manipulated than cut or ground.” These meats can contain harmful chemical compounds like sodium nitrites that, when combined with amines in your stomach, can become carcinogenic compounds. If you consistently consume large quantities of processed meats, this could result in severe health consequences.

Here are some stats that might make you think twice about regularly consuming processed meats:

So, be wary the next time you go to the supermarket. Make sure that you are purchasing whole cuts (“a section of meat or poultry that has been cooked, possibly flavored with salt, spices, or sugars that is then sliced) rather than processed meats. So for your turkey cravings, choose options like fresh-roasted turkey breast, or choose to cook your own protein.

At Good Food Made Simple, we know the value of clean ingredients. It’s why we avoid hydrogenated oils, filler ingredients, and chemical preservatives in all of our products. After all, a healthy body is a happy mind!

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