Good Food Made Simple is committed to clean and simple ingredients that you know and understand.

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Eat Clean Eat SIMPLE

Eat Clean Eat Simple

We passionately believe that ingredients are the priority in every product.  We believe that when you eat a product with egg, the egg should be free of soybean oil, xanthan gum and other additives and flavors. We believe that breakfast sausage shouldn’t be filled with nitrates and phosphates. We believe that instant oatmeal shouldn’t have artificial flavors or colors and that fruit and vegetables should not be treated with chemical preservatives. We believe this should be common sense.

Sadly, it’s not.

So, we’re on a mission. A mission to empower consumers to take control over what they put into their bodies simply by reading labels. It’s called Eat Clean, Eat Simple, and it really is … simple.

Eat Clean, Eat Simple will reveal concerning information, dispel myths, state the facts and expose ingredients (and brands) for who/what they truly are.

Most importantly, though, Eat Clean, Eat Simple will educate consumers and teach the truth about ingredients and inspire close label reading with clarity and context so that we can all feel comfortable that we are eating real food. Food with ingredients that come from farms, not laboratories.

Farms not Labs

To those food manufacturers who add Calcium Carbonate (chalk) to make foods “look pretty,” Trans Fat to give foods a desirable taste and texture or Sodium Nitrates to cure meats, we say – this is unnecessary and unacceptable.

At Good Food Made Simple, we only use clean, simple ingredients that you know and trust. No unnecessary additives and absolutely nothing artificial…EVER.

Join us on our mission to Eat Clean, Eat Simple, be healthier and be healthier.

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The ingredients dictionary

Ever see an ingredient on a food label that you don’t understand – and better yet, that you can’t pronounce? Check out our Ingredients Dictionary and learn more about the ingredients you often find in your packaged foods. The Ingredients Dictionary

Myth of the week:

MYTH: Radiation from microwaves creates dangerous compounds in your food.

Radiation simply refers to energy that travels in waves and disperses. Foods cook in a microwave by heat generated inside the food, and not from the microwaves themselves. "Microwave cooking is really no different from any other cooking method that applies heat to food," says Robert bracket, Ph.D., director of the National Center for Food Safety and Technology. Reference

Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid

  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Colors
  • Nitrates & Nitrites
  • Hydrogenated Fats or Oils
  • BHA and BHT
  • Artificial Sugars
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • MSG

See the full list

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