Good Food Made Simple is committed to clean and simple ingredients that you know and understand.

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It all began with the most important, yet most overlooked, meal of the day: breakfast. We studied the breakfast category and we were seriously underwhelmed by the redundant mix of waffles, pancakes and sandwiches offered by the large food companies. Foods made with ingredients that seemed more likely to come from a lab, not a farm. And while there seemed to be 50 different brands of waffles, our options lacked variety. Our kids can’t (and shouldn’t) eat frozen waffles every day.

We started with oatmeal, using steel cut oats, cooking them up in our kitchen and finding a way to preserve the wholesome, natural goodness…adding nothing artificial. We then offered frozen egg patties, encouraging folks to create their own breakfast sandwiches with the cleanest patties possible. With these two products, it was our goal to invite people to connect with what they eat, feeling good about the food they serve their kids and families.

Next came our answer to the morning rush…breakfast burritos. True to our brand, we formulated an all natural tortilla, free of the hydrogenated oils found in many tortillas. We added clean eggs and cheeses, plus nitrate free meats to offer a breakfast solution that appeals to all generations.

Now, we have expanded our breakfast ensemble with egg white burritos and breakfast bowls. Both made with the cleanest protein possible…egg whites…and the cleanest potatoes, meats and cheeses that we can find.

And, we didn’t stop just at breakfast. We are also introducing several varieties of mac n’ cheese and 12 varieties of entrée wraps (with flavor profiles which we promise will advance the nascent burrito category). All made true to our commitment: to make GOOD foods, with taste that comes from nature, not additives. SIMPLE foods with ingredients that come from farms, not labs. And, clean ingredients which never include artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, sweeteners or hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fat).

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3 varieties

Our line of steel cut oatmeal makes for a healthy, wholesome and nutritious breakfast.

Egg White Patties

1 varieties

Real egg products with all natural ingredients to make eggs an easier part of your morning diet.

Breakfast Burritos

4 varieties

A simple line of items featuring traditional breakfast ingredients wrapped in an all natural tortilla. Perfect for the eat ’n run or run ‘n eat crowd.

Egg White Burritos

3 varieties

Our beloved burritos just became a little lighter. Everything you love about our breakfast burritos with protein-packed egg whites for a wholesome breakfast on-the-go.

Breakfast Bowls

4 varieties

Sometimes you want a breakfast that requires sitting down – but doesn’t mean slaving over the stove. Say hello to our newest breakfast item – breakfast in a bowl. Fresh chopped veggies, scrambled egg whites, nitrate free meats and 100% natural cheese. Breakfast never looked – or tasted – so good.

Entrée Wraps & Burritos

12 varieties

We’ve ventured beyond breakfast! This line of hand-rolled wraps is made with savory and wholesome ingredients to deliver an unthinkable hand-held experience. Perfect for lunch, dinner or when you’ve simply got the munchies.

mac & cheese

2 varieties

Throw away that orange powder packet. Introducing our new line of deliciously simple, simply delicious pasta dishes. Made with real cheese and spices, you’ll never go back to the box again.

Good Food Made Simple is committed to clean & simple food that you know and understand.

Ingredients -The Bad Ones We Never Use

  • Artificial or Chemical Preservatives or Additives
  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Sweeteners
    or Sugar Substitutes
  • Hydrogenated Oils
    (a source of Trans Fats)

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