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Sarah Kesseli

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March 11, 2016

The 7 Most Filling Foods on Supermarket Shelves

Good Food Made Simple's Egg White Patties made Hungry Girls round up: "Another protein superstar! It's not just the protein content that matters here - it's the amino acids. Specifically leucine, which has been linked to increased satiety..." read more

October 16, 2015

10 Quick, Nutritionist-Approved Packaged Breakfasts

Like the name says, this breakfast bowl is just good food (egg whites, potatoes, avocado, beans, cilantro, etc.) prepared simply. Enjoy it straight out of your microwave on a busy morning, and the protein and heart-healthy fats are sure to hold you read more

April 4, 2016

15 New Healthy Frozen Foods that Make Clean Eating a Breeze

Leave the spatula, pan, and cutting board in the drawer and kick off your day with this veggie scramble instead...This heat-and-eat meal is a nutritional powerhouse. read more

March 21, 2016

Good Food Made Simple BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito is a HIT!

The shredded pork is tender and not stringy and the recipe of sweet potato, black beans, Monterrey jack, red peppers and scallions makes it perfect. Just microwave for a minute and thirty and it comes out wonderful! read more

March 7, 2016

Good Food Made Simple Pancake Puffs Banana is a HIT!

These little puffed pancakes are my Pick Of the Week! These are so much fun and so delicious - little puff pancakes that you can microwave in a half a minute. read more

Breakfast of Champions

In my perfect world, I'd start every day with a plate of syrup-drenched French toast or pancakes. But instead of consuming half a day's worth of calories before 9AM, I reconsider, and breakfast becomes cereal with lowfat milk and fruit. Every. Day. download

Make It To Go

You don't need to sacrifice your health - or taste buds - because a leisurely meal won't fit into your schedule. These fast breakfast and lunch ideas are loaded with runner-friendly nutrients. Better yet, they're designed to be eaten on the go! download

Good Food Made Simple 100% Steel Cut Oats Oatmeal

This product is a HIT! If you're one of those people who want oatmeal for breakfast because you know how good it is for you, but you can't stand the fuss of making it from scratch, this is for you! download

The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

When it comes to The Hunger Games, staying alive means finding food any way possible. Katniss and Gale hunt live game, Peeta's family survives on the bread they make, and the inhabitants of the Seam work twelve-hour days for a few handfuls of grain. read more

Has a Compliment Ever Changed Your Thinking About Yourself?

I started my morning with a quick and simple breakfast: an egg and cheese sandwich on a toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thin with a plum and a glass of iced coffee with vanilla soy milk on the side. read more

Good Food Made Simple – Food Product Review

Are you one of the many who grabs a piece of toast and cup of coffee on the way out the door, in that endless daily rush to get to work or school on time? Or do you go through the drive-thru, ordering a sausage and biscuit? read more

Healthiest Foods 2012

Convenient doesn't have to mean unhealthy. Here, download the 26 best packaged foods for your shopping cart. download

20 New Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Whether you’re craving something salty or sweet, we’ve got you covered with the tastiest, healthiest eats. read more

Spotted on Shelves (Breakfast Edition)…

Good Food Made Simple Egg Patties Made with Egg Whites - Anything that gets food into our faces faster in the morning makes us happy -- especially if it's guilt-free and delicious. If you don't have time to separate and cook egg whites... read more