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Breakfast Bowls

Hearty, delicious, and chock full of nature’s flavors. No need to hit snooze – rise and shine with a delicious bowl of fresh-chopped veggies, scrambled eggs, nitrate-free meats and real cheese.

We know how easy it is to get in a breakfast rut. Life can get in the way of making your famous omelettes or the perfect French toast on a weekday. You get used to toast and eggs or a granola bar on the run, eating in the car on the way to work, or hitting a drive-thru in a pinch. Scurry no more. Our breakfast bowls are here to redefine your morning routine. Leave more time for deliciousness with none of the messy cleanup. At Good Food Made Simple, we know breakfast should be convenient, but not rushed through, and that’s why our signature dishes are always ready in just minutes. An important part of self-care is what you put in your body and how you start your day. Stop scrolling, put away your phone, take a seat at the kitchen table, and enjoy one of Good Food Made Simple breakfast bowls for a morning you don’t have to tackle at breakneck speed.

When we created our veggie-filled breakfast bowls, we wanted to make a scramble that tasted delicious with none of the additives or extra ingredients that you sometimes see along the freezer aisle. The ease of every ingredient going into just one bowl is pretty great, too. Choose from three hearty varieties: the Southwestern Veggie, Turkey Sausage, or Uncured Bacon and Eggs breakfast bowls. Each is crafted with the help of cage-free scrambled egg whites, organic roasted vegetables like potatoes and red peppers, and nitrate-free and antibiotic-free meats like uncured bacon and turkey sausage.

The Southwestern Veggie breakfast bowls are perfect for veggie-lovers and vegetarians alike, bringing you tangy flavors thanks to fresh salsa, organic corn, black beans seasoned with spicy chili powder, roasted Russet potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Think you need meat to get your daily source of protein? Think again. After all, the Southwestern Veggie bowls pack 14g of protein in every serving. Cilantro, red peppers, and green peppers add color and fresh flavor, while sharp white cheddar bring cheesy, creamy satisfaction to every bowl. You could even add a mashed avocado to the bowl, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Or you could skip the diner and sink your fork into the mouthwatering Uncured Bacon & Eggs breakfast bowl instead, a powerhouse of 20g of protein and plenty of bacon, egg, and cheesy goodness all in one easy-to-prepare bowl. Sharp white cheddar, smoked bacon, potatoes, and scrambled eggs pair perfectly with hot sauce or slices of jalapenos for a little something extra. Make it your own, always.

Rounding out the trifecta are the Turkey Sausage breakfast bowls, which promise 18g of protein to energize you for a long day ahead, plus our lean turkey sausage raised without antibiotics is both simply seasoned and simply satisfying. Red and green peppers, onions, and potatoes, along with egg whites and turkey sausage will fill you right up. Comfort food has never been more comforting.

Since Good Food Made Simple created our organic steel cut oatmeal way back in 2011, we’ve come a long way in the breakfast department. From a dozen breakfast burritos to all kinds of breakfast bowls, we’ve expanded our selection while never losing sight of what truly matters—the quality of the ingredients that go into everything our test kitchen makes.

Wondering what you’ll eat for breakfast all week? Add our breakfast bowls to your grocery list to make tomorrow morning easier than ever. No more cracked eggshells in your skillet, no more forgetting what you put on the stove, no more chalky protein shakes. A simpler solution to breakfast in a bowl that’s ready in merely minutes.

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