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Breakfast Burritos

Like any good overachiever, we couldn’t resist kicking breakfast up a notch. Hand held, farm fresh feasts ready in minutes and crafted only from a handful of gourmet ingredients. Open wide.

When we set out to build the perfect breakfast burritos, we came upon a revolutionary idea: to do way more with fewer ingredients. That’s why our burritos are created to be your solution to picky eaters, hungry wives and husbands, and time-consuming recipes.

It’s simple: why settle for just one type of burrito? There are more Good Food Made Simple breakfast burrito varieties than there are days of the week—twelve, to be exact—so you can spice up breakfast any time, any way you please. From the rush of Monday morning to the relaxation of a well-deserved Sunday brunch, our burritos check all the boxes for a delicious, savory, eggy breakfast. Unlike syrupy, sticky pancakes, they’re easy to eat on the go. Plus, each serving provides anywhere from 10-15 grams of protein, so you won’t be hopelessly hungry by 10am.

When it comes to breakfast burritos, we believe in taking big flavor risks while always promising farm-fresh taste. Of course, you probably already know the classics, whether they’re hormone-free meaty or chock full of veggies, like the Chicken Apple Sausage, Uncured Bacon, or the Southwestern Veggie breakfast burritos. The Uncured Canadian Bacon breakfast burritos are just as satisfying as a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from the local deli.

Our breakfast burritos aren’t just for carnivores, either. Looking to swap meat from one meal a day? Start with breakfast. Vegetarians and veggie lovers can choose from the Veggie Jalapeno, the classic Spinach and Cheddar, the Sriracha Scramble, the Himalayan, which offers a kick of coconut-curry goodness, the feta-filled Greek breakfast burrito, or the crowd-pleaser Cheese and Veggie. Dressed up or down with smashed avocado or a generous drizzle of hot sauce, our breakfast burritos will start your morning off right. You can add whatever you want to a burrito, like extra salsa or a sprinkle of bright green cilantro to make it your own. Feel like unrolling yours? Create your own version of huevos rancheros with a fried egg right on top. Squeeze some lime juice over the whole thing, or enjoy some blue corn tortilla chips on the side for an extra crunch.

Whether you prefer sweet potatoes or roasted russets, salsa or extra cheese, peppers, onions, or jalapenos, the perfect burrito is waiting just for you. Spicy and savory will go together perfectly, no matter your mood. Hand rolled in a flour tortilla and easy to pop in the microwave, ready in just minutes, our breakfast burritos pack you with protein and get you out the door faster than ever. Why stress out about breakfast ever again? Keep your freezer stocked with a burrito (or three) for a late night snack or a second breakfast—we won’t judge you.

A burrito is only as good as the ingredients you make it with. That’s why we use cage-free egg whites with every breakfast burrito, and our meats are all raised free of antibiotics. Finally, a breakfast burrito from the freezer aisle that’s free of preservatives and hormones.
When it comes to cheese, we choose the highest quality to bring you the freshest flavors, like Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and others.

Plus, we’ve added five brand new breakfast burritos to the mix: the hearty Organic Spinach and Cheddar, the hot Veggie Jalapeno, spicy Sriracha Scramble, or renegades like The Himalayan and The Greek. When you’re craving cilantro rice or prefer plenty of bacon, there’s a Good Food Made Simple breakfast burrito for that. Which will you choose for breakfast? Tell us which of the dozen breakfast burritos is your favorite when you tag Good Food Made Simple on Instagram or follow us on Facebook.

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