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Easy Late Night Snack Alternatives

Jul 12, 2019
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cashews, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries in bowls

Quick & Easy Late Night Snack Alternatives

With summer night’s getting longer and our desire to stay out later, it is not uncommon for our bodies to need a little late night re-fueling. We understand that some nights it’s tempting to grab a bag of chips or devour a pint of ice cream. However, there are countless amounts of guilt-free options that will still settle your cravings. We believe that late night snacks can be both tasty and leave you feeling good too. Our easy late night snack alternatives will keep you satisfied no matter what you’re craving!

If you’re craving something creamy

Try whipping up a bowl of yoghurt topped with your favourite summer fruit! Some of our favourite toppings include peaches, strawberries, and blueberries – really any fruit that is in season near you! If you want an extra layer of sweetness, try adding a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips! This is a great alternative when you are craving ice cream because it’s cold, creamy and sweet. You even get to enjoy an extra layer of natural sweetness from fresh fruit and bitterness from the dark chocolate!

If you’re craving something salty

Go ahead – pop up some fresh popcorn with olive oil! While microwavable popcorn is convenient, cooking up fresh kernels at home allows you to alter the fat and salt content. If you want to eliminate fats from your snacks, switch butter for oil. Olive, canola or coconut oil are all good alternative to butter! To satisfy your salty craving, we recommend a sprinkle of sea or pink Himalayan salt immediately after the popcorn is done – this ensures that every piece is coated with flavour! According to Dr. Steven Lin, natural sea salt is less refined than traditional table salt due to its iodine levels while pink Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and provide a number of benefits for your body!

If you’re craving something sweet

Why not cut some slices of your favourite apple and smear on some nut butter?! According to Women’s Health Magazine, apples are high in fiber which decreases your hunger levels and leaves you satisfied for longer. This is a great option when you need a little something at night because it will naturally help you avoid over indulging. By adding a few dollops of your preferred nut butter, you’ll be getting in some protein and natural sweetness. Whatever combination you choose, we promise it will satisfy your late-night sweet cravings!

If you’re feeling peck-ish

We recommend digging right into a bowl of unsalted or lightly salted mixed nuts! If your first instinct is to chow down on a bag of potato chips, this is a great protein filled alternative. There are a lot of benefits to snacking on nuts and each kind provides different nutrients. For example, according to Medical News Today, pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts provide great nutrients to your body (in addition to protein). Some of the most popular nuts such as almonds and pistachios provide a good amount of calcium to the body  as well vitamin E and iron! If you’re allergic to nuts and still feel like getting a bit of protein in at night, our Egg White Patties contain 6 grams of protein per patty. Top it off with a slice or two of avocado and you’ve got yourself the bite!

If you’re snacking with the kiddos

It’s always fun to put together a quick snack with the kids and get them involved in the process. We totally understand not all kids like the same foods and that’s okay – especially with this next snack idea! While rice cakes are pretty low in nutrients, they make a great slate for toppings of your choice and are usually pretty low in calories and fat in comparison to other crackers or breads. Rice cakes come in various flavours, which is a perfect way to cater to your child’s eating habits. This will give the kids a choice to mix and match while making their snack! Some of our favourite toppings for rice cakes include nut butter, honey, and fruit if you want something sweet. If you’re craving a savoury snack, avocado, hummus and sliced veggies pair great with rice crackers too. This is the perfect family friendly snack and allows every member to build their own with their favourite ingredients. Instead of an ice cream sundae bar, try setting up a DIY rice cake bar for you and your family!

Regardless of what you’re late night cravings are, there are always alternatives if you’re debating on what to snack on. Even if you’re not looking to limit your sodium, calorie or sugar intake, there are always small changes you can make  – you don’t always have to give up that bowl of ice cream! At the end of the day, you know your body best. You will know exactly if you’re craving a handful of chips or an easy late night snack alternative.

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