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3 Snow Day Workouts Anyone Can Enjoy

Jan 14, 2022
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Let’s set the scene. You wake up snuggled under your warm bed. You had grand plans the night before to get a good workout in today, but once you wake up, you look out the window and see it: snow. Piled high. There’s been a snow storm.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to use snow days as a chance to stay inside all day, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get your heart rate up. Without equipment, coaches, or studios, consider dedicating just 20-30 minutes of your snow day to your body and mind.

Continue reading for a few different snow day workouts to get the heart pumping before you jump back into sweats and enjoy the rest of the day on the couch with some Netflix. We’re not judging — we’ll be right beside you!

3 Snow Day Workouts Anyone Can Enjoy

HIIT(high-intensity interval training) is a great way to do a lot with a little. It involves alternate spurts of vigorous activity with short recovery periods to burn lots of calories in less time. Whether you’re a fitness pro or just startingout, HIIT can be adapted to anyone. The key to doing HIIT well is doing the moves with proper form, so don’t rush too quickly through them, but also don’t move too slowly. Listen to your body to find the right pace and rhythm.

20-minute No Equipment HIIT Routine

Here’s a 20-minute HIIT routine you can do practically anywhere. Go through this sequence four times, and do each exercise/move for 45 seconds. Rest between moves for 15 seconds.

Push-ups: To do a traditional push-up, start with your hands shoulder-width apart in plank pose. Bend your elbows and lower toward the ground, keeping your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your body. To modify (no shame!) try doing them with your knees on the ground.

Squats: Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure to keep your feet directly under your hips, and place your hands on your hips. Tighten your core as you start to sit, lowing your booty to the floor.

Mountain climbers: Get into a plank position, and then bring your right knee to your right shoulder. Switch sides. Start moving faster so it’s as if you’re running in place, though in plank formation!

Tricep dips: You’ll need a low table or chair for this one. Place your hands on either said chair or table with your back facing it. Put your legs straight out and hold onto your surface with your palms. Lower as far as you can, bending from the elbows. Come back up. You should feel this in, surprise, your triceps.

Jumping lunge. Start standing tall with your feet staggered, your right foot a bit in front of your left. Keep your knees bent in a slight lunge. Push off the bottom of both feet into a jump, and switch the position of your feet mid-air, landing in a basic lunge with your right leg in front. Without stopping, repeat this movement, alternating which leg is in front.

The Science-Backed 7-Minute Workout

If you’re crunched for time (to start baking cookies…) then you can, at the very least, do this 7-minute workout. The sequence first became known in 2013, when The New York Times published the workout, along with some scientific validation behind it. This workout includes 12 exercises and calls for a chair, a wall, and your own body weight. Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds with only a few seconds of rest between each.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Wall sits
  3. Push up
  4. Abdominal crunch
  5. Step-up to chair
  6. Squats
  7. Tricep dips
  8. Planks
  9. High knees running in place
  10. Lunge
  11. Push up with rotation
  12. Side plank

If you’re feeling fiery, repeat this sequence as many times as you fancy!

Stay-Inside Yoga Flow

If you’re not feeling anything too intense, not a problem at all. You can still move a bit with a nice yoga sequence in order to relax your muscles, stretch your ligaments, and clear your head. There are a ton of resources online to find the exact type of flow for you, from something more restorative to one that is a bit more intense. Youtube is a hub for many yoga recordings you can listen to (and watch!) or you can also download an app, like FitStar Yoga or Daily Yoga. The sky’s the limit when it comes to free resources, so get downloading and down-dogging!

After your snow day workout is complete, give yourself a nice pat on the back. You deserve to cozy up and enjoy the rest of your afternoon inside, staying nice and warm. However, if you’re really looking for more, you can always shovel the driveway —that counts as a workout, too!

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