The EASIEST Brioche French Toast

How to make the EASIEST Brioche French Toast – perfectly golden on the outside, yet still soft, sweet, and buttery on the inside.


The EASIEST Brioche French Toast

This Brioche French Toast recipe is perfect for Mother’s Day, Sunday brunch, Christmas morning, or any time you feel like having French Toast just because.

When we were kids and had a choice between French Toast and waffles, we almost always chose French Toast on the weekends. Waffles were a quick morning breakfast because they could be ready in minutes during the week. But French Toast, that was something special. Now, you can have either waffles or french toast for a quick morning breakfast!

Unlike our cinnamon French Toast, our Brioche French Toast is thicker and more hearty. Brioche is made with more eggs and butter, which gives it that rich flavor with a soft and light texture. It feels truly indulgent, yet we have made it into a healthier option for any day of the week.

The best part is this breakfast that reminds us of Sunday morning is ready in just minutes! Can you think of a better way to start your Monday?

Dress it up!

One of our favorite things about French Toast is the endless combination of toppings! More often than not, we will stick with butter and maple syrup as we did for Mom this year. However, sometimes we are feeling a little more spunky and want to deviate. That’s when we reach for things like sauteed bananas, powdered sugar, nut butter, and jelly, or even whipped cream! These toppings are almost always put out as a spread when we serve the Brioche French Toast to guests or on a holiday. You choose what you enjoy most and roll with it!

The ingredients list couldn’t get much shorter. You’re welcome. 😉



  • Brioche French Toast
  • Fresh Berries
  • Butter
  • Optional: maple syrup, powdered sugar, jelly, nut butter, etc.


The EASIEST Brioche French Toast

In addition to the fruit and maple syrup, you could also serve this with breakfast sausages, bacon, hashbrowns, etc. Forget Sunday breakfast spots, you can now enjoy a full spread right in the comfort of your own home.

Brioche French Toast

How to make the EASIEST Brioche French Toast - perfectly golden on the outside, yet still soft, sweet, and buttery on the inside. 
Course Breakfast, brunch
Cuisine American, French
Keyword breakfast, brioche french toast, french toast
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 2 people


  • 1 box Brioche French Toast
  • 1 cup mixed berries
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • maple syrup optional


  • Cook Brioche French Toast according to package directions.
  • Plate and top with butter.
  • Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Looking for more ways to use our French Toast? Why not try these savory French Toast Roll Ups or this Mixed Berry French Toast Casserole?





Debunking 4 Popular Diet Myths

With Saturday, May 6 being International No Diet Day, we thought we would debunk 4 of the most commonly known diet myths. Sentiments like “all calories are bad” or “this diet is better than that diet” are often vocalized with little to no factual evidence.

Myth #1: all carbs are bad

Ever heard of this one? Before you rush to clean out all the carbohydrates from your kitchen, this statement can be easily debunked.

Not all carbs come in the form of French fries or pizza. In fact, fruit, vegetables and whole grains are found to contain whole carbohydrates. By classifying carbs as “whole carbohydrates” and “refined carbohydrates,” we can better understand why this statement is actually false.

Whole carbs are often referred to as unprocessed or unrefined, meaning that they still contain the bulk of their vitamins and nutrients. Examples of whole/unrefined carbs include fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and whole wheat bread. These foods have not undergone a process to strip them of naturally occurring elements such as fiber and healthy fats.

In contrast, refined carbs have undergone a process (such as milling), which strips them of vitamins and nutrients. Examples of refined carbs are potato chips, white rice or sugary cereals.

Types of Carbohydrates

One major difference between the two types of carbs is how they provide your body with energy. In simple terms, unrefined carbs provide us long-term energy, while refined carbs are digested rapidly and lead to a quick spike in energy.

Due to the presence of fiber in whole carbs, our bodies are able to digest these foods overtime and keeps our energy steady throughout the day.

If you regularly consume soda or other foods with high sugar content, you may be familiar with feeling your energy spike and then plummet shortly thereafter. This is due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients in refined carbs. To avoid the feelings of an energy crash, we recommend introducing unrefined carbohydrates into your diet.

Here are some simple swaps you can make if you want to implement more whole carbs into your meals.

Processed/Refined Carbohydrate Whole/Unrefined Carbohydrate
Potato chips Whole grain tortilla chips
White rice Brown rice, quinoa
White breads Whole wheat or whole grain breads

While it is important to consume as many whole or unrefined carbs as possible, we understand that this is not feasible for everyone. Of course it is unrealistic to cut out every single processed carb, because who doesn’t crave a pizza every now and then? Everybody’s dietary needs and cravings are different, do not feel like you have to cut out all refined carbs for the rest of your life – you can learn how implement or swap in more unprocessed carbs instead.

Myth #2: steer clear of all fatty foods

In addition to other diet myths, this is completely false and should not be a statement you should revolve your food philosophy around. Just like carbs, fats are absolutely necessary for the body. According to the American Heart Association, “dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and to support cell growth.”

Similar to carbs, there are four ways to categorize the fats we consume: saturated fats, trans fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. In very simple terms, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are considered “good” fats, while trans and saturated fats are not.

Trans fats are specifically found in highly artificial or processed foods. While more and more brands are prioritizing eliminating trans fats, it is still important to be mindful of what you consume. One way to guarantee you are not consuming trans fats is by reading a product’s nutrition label.

Saturated fats are often viewed as “bad fats,” however they are not as harmful as trans fats. Saturated fats are common and are often found in ingredients such as red meats and dairy (cheese, ice cream, butter). According to Harvard University’s School of Public Health, saturated fats “are best consumed in moderation.” If you are worried about your saturated fat intake, red meats and dairy can be replaced with items such as legumes or fish.

Healthier fats that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily meal routines include avocado, dark chocolate (who knew?!), salmon, olive oil and nuts.

Next time someone tells you to avoid all fats, now you know that myth’s been busted! Don’t forget your body still needs fats for fuel and healthy fats are a great way to do that.

Myth #3: nothing can replace the protein you get from meat

Sorry meat-eaters, but this diet myth’s false. There are many non-meat alternatives for plant-based or vegetarian eaters. While it may be difficult to transition from meat to vegetarian protein, there are many options that provide the appropriate amounts of protein necessary.

Since everyone’s protein intake differs, the protein choices you choose will vary. Below are some non-meat protein alternatives for both vegetarian and plant-based diets.

Vegetarian/Plant-based protein sources

  • Whole eggs or egg whites
  • Quinoa
  • Tofu, tempeh, seitan, edamame
  • Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, kidney/black/pinto beans)
  • Nut butter
  • Chia seeds, hemp seeds
  • Ezekiel bread
  • Soy milk, almond milk
  • Oats, oatmeal
  • Protein-rich vegetables (sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach)

Myth #4: long-term juice cleanses are good to detox and nourish your body

Similar to other diet myths, this one can be easily debunked. After a day or two of indulgent eating, it can be tempting to opt into day-long juice cleanses. It is no secret that many celebrities and influencers endorse and do juice cleanses, increasing the rage about them. However, juice cleanses are not a healthy replacement for eating full, nourishing meals.

This begs the question: why are juice cleanses so hyped up? For starters, a lot of juice cleanse companies vocalize the idea that you should not or do not have to eat while on a juice cleanse. That means, for however long you are choosing to cleanse, you consume nothing but juice. Some brands take a different approach and say that it is O.K. to snack lightly while on the cleanse.

However, most companies do not promote consuming regular, nourishing meals in addition to the cleanse. Consequently, your body is deprived of vitamins and nutrients that come from whole foods.

For example, juices do not contain parts of the peels or rinds from fruit or vegetables. Fiber is stripped from whole fruits and vegetables during the juicing process but a lot of the sugars are sustained. According to Mayo Clinic, Fiber aids the body in digestion, lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

There are some positive effects from juicing such as consuming micro-nutrients and hydration. However, the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine point to some significant negative effects of juicing. They explain that juices contain little amounts of protein and healthy fats, which can lead to a protein deficiency. Additionally, because of the sugars in juice a consumer’s blood sugar tends to spike and crash, leaving them feeling tired and hungry.

Juicing substitutes

To some, juice cleanses may be helpful but for most, it will not be a satisfactory replacement for meals. Some safe and healthy alternatives to juice cleansing include:

  • Incorporating more whole fruits and vegetables into meals
  • Consume smoothies instead of juices (blending retains more of the vitamins & nutrients of fruits and vegetables)
  • Eat more raw foods
  • Try a soup cleanse
  • Practice intuitive eating to avoid feelings of needing to cleanse after indulging

There are plenty more diet myths lurking out there. Hopefully now, you are able to identify them and avoid feeling trapped in the cycle of diet culture. By incorporating unrefined carbs, healthy fats, plant-based proteins and avoiding juice cleanses, you are finding ways to honor your body and health without pressure from diet myths.

Pancake Puffs with Raspberries & Chocolate


A healthy but sweet treat to start your morning off. These pancake puffs are served with raspberries and chocolate.

Pancake Puffs with Raspberries and Chocolate

Breakfast is good for the soul. We will live and die by that motto. 😉 I mean, we are a breakfast company.


Today we are extra excited to share this 5-minute recipe with you because it is easy and delicious and sure to sweeten your day! (Pun intended there.)


Before diving into the recipe, though, let’s talk about these cute little puffy pancakes! Here at Good Food Made Simple, we call them Pancake Puffs, but you may have also heard the names aebleskivers or appleskives puffs, the Danish name for these. However, since we aren’t Danish and make ours in Belgium, we think Pancake Puffs is more fitting and much easier to say!


Now, let’s get back to this recipe!


Whether you’re looking for a quick weekday meal or something to enjoy on a slow Sunday while reading, these pancake puffs are it. But, just like most of the recipes we share, this one is also customizable to whatever your heart desire.


We opted to serve ours with raspberries and Nutella, but feel free to go traditional and top them with syrup, powdered sugar, a drizzle of nut butter, fruit, or even a side of vanilla Greek yogurt!




No matter how you top these fun little puffs, we know you’ll be addicted!


Pancake Puffs with Raspberries and Chocolate


P.S – these are also great for snack, dessert, or brinner – just sayin’ 😉

Pancake Puffs with Raspberries and Chocolate

A healthy but sweet treat to start your morning off. These pancake puffs are served with raspberries and chocolate.
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American, Danish
Keyword breakfast, dessert, Pancake Puffs, snack
Prep Time 4 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 6 people


  • 1 bag Pancake Puffs feel free to use the Original, Chocolate Chip or Banana flavor
  • 1 pint fresh raspberries or fruit of choice
  • 6 tbsp Nutella or melted chocolate can sub with maple syrup, nut butter, or other toppings of choice


  • Cook pancake puffs according to package directions.
  • Evenly divide pancake puffs between 6 bowls.
  • Top with raspberries.
  • Serve with chocolate on the side for dipping or drizzled on top.
  • Enjoy!

Looking for more fun ways to use the puffs? Try one of these fun, easy, and kid-friendly ideas HERE and HERE!





Meal Prep Breakfast Flatbreads


These meal prep breakfast flatbreads are ready to go – pair them with your favorite sides and heat them when you’re ready to eat! 



There is really never a reason to skip breakfast.


We mean it.


Stop running to the drive-through.


Because the easiest flatbread meal prep recipe is coming your way.


With four breakfast flatbreads to choose from, there is enough variety to ensure you never get bored during the week.


And since we are big on healthy, nutritious ingredients around here, we are pairing them with fresh berries and veggies. However, please don’t limit yourself to what we use! You can easily pair these with other fruits and veggies, roasted potatoes, a yogurt cup, or whatever your breakfast-loving heart desires!



We’ve got the flavor you crave! Our flatbread breakfast sandwiches are available in four different flavors:

  • Turkey Sausage
    • These are packed with fluffy cage-free egg whites, antibiotic-free turkey sausage, organic salsa, organic roasted potatoes, and real cheddar cheese.
  • Uncured Canadian Bacon
    • This one is made of scrambled cage-free eggs, organic roasted potatoes, bell peppers, real cheese, and (you guessed it) uncured Canadian bacon.
  • Three Cheese
    • We made this one with, you guessed it, three kinds of cheese, fluffy cage-free eggs, organic roasted potatoes, and bell peppers.
  • Spinach & Cheddar
    • Last but not least, we paired fresh organic spinach with real, all-natural white cheddar cheese. We also tossed in some organic sweet potatoes, scrambled cage-free egg whites, and organic salsa because why not?


So, whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or both, we’ve got a flavor we know you’ll love! So, let’s not waste any more time and get meal prepping!




  • 4 breakfast flatbreads (you can mix and match)
  • 2 cups berries
  • 2 small oranges
  • 1 handful grape tomatoes
  • 1 handful baby carrots


Meal Prep Breakfast Flatbreads


If you’re looking for more easy meal prep recipes, we recommend trying these Make Ahead Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches, Oatmeal In A Jar, or one of these other Meal Prep Hacks To Make Your Life Easier!



Meal Prep Breakfast Flatbread

These meal prep breakfast flatbreads are ready to go - just pair them with your favorite sides and heat them when you're ready to eat! 
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword breakfast, breakfast flatbread, flatbread, high protein, low calorie, snack
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 meals


  • 4 Breakfast Flatbread Sandwiches any flavors
  • 2 cups berries
  • 2 small oranges
  • 1 handful grape tomatoes
  • 1 handul baby carrots


  • Divide berries, oranges, tomatoes, and carrots among 4 meal prep containers, as desired.
  • Seal tight and place in the refrigerator.
  • In the morning, remove your flatbread from the freezer and cook according to package directions.
  • Enjoy immediately or place in container with fruit and berries and take on-the-go!






Two Minute Egg White Breakfast Tacos


These Two Minute Egg White Breakfast Tacos are going to start your morning off in a simple, delicious, and healthy way! 

Egg White Patty Breakfast Taco

Two Minute Egg White Breakfast Tacos are giving us all the feels this morning! Quick, healthy, yummy, colorful, and full of flavor….it doesn’t get much easier! We might even go so far as to say that these will change your life.


Yes, they are breakfast tacos. Yes, we made these with only four ingredients; yes, they will be ready in two minutes, and YES, you can easily customize these to your heart’s desire because what’s a breakfast taco if you can’t change it up once in a while? Variety is the spice of life!


No Yolks In Site

That’s right…..we said it, no yolks! Don’t get us wrong, we love eggs at breakfast, but for the days we are looking for a low calorie meal or something lower in fat, these breakfast tacos are our go-to. If you’re skeptical about the whole ‘egg white’ trend, these tacos will put you onto them. The nutrition profile of egg whites is phenomenal!



If you know, you know: we are big fans of Mexican flavors. Have you seen our take on a burrito bowl or our veggie loaded breakfast burritos? They are both packed with salsa, veggies, and all the Mexican flavors you crave! But that does’t mean you must commit to these flavors. You can give these breakfast tacos a few different spins; Go Greek with hummus, avocado, feta, and tomatoes or try a Meat Lovers combo and add some bacon or turkey sausage; Veggie Loaded with spinach, mushrooms, and onions! 



Just 4 ingredients are standing between you and these egg white breakfast tacos.



Pile it all onto your tortillas and get eating! We promise you won’t miss the yolks here, or the extra calories! 😉


Egg White Patty Breakfast Taco


If you’re intrigued by these two minute egg white patty tacos, then these low carb breakfast tacos are a must try! 

Two Minute Egg White Patty Breakfast Taco

These Two Minute Egg White Breakfast Tacos are going to start your morning off in a simple, delicious, and healthy way! 
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword breakfast, easy recipe, Egg White Patties, high protein, low calorie
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1


  • 2 corn tortillas or tortillas of choice
  • 2 Egg White Patties
  • 2 tbsp shredded cheese
  • 2 tbsp salsa fresca or salsa of choice


  • Heat your egg white patties for 90 seconds in the microwave.
  • Once done, remove them and place one on top of each corn tortillas.
  • Evenly divide the cheese and salsa between each tortilla.
  • Enjoy!


This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to serve more people! 

21 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

No matter if your day starts slow like a Sunday morning or is go-go-go, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. The key to making sure you don’t skip it as you’re running out the door? One of these 21 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas.

If you are like us, then breakfast has always been a meal we have struggled with. We would rather squeeze in an extra 20 minutes of sleep than get up and make breakfast. And, to be honest, we have never really had much of an appetite in the morning. Unless you count our appetite for coffee and in that case we are definitely breakfast fans!

Over time we came to realize the importance of breakfast.  Not only does it help set the tone for our day, but it gives us the energy we need to work at our most optimal level and helps with weight management. Did you know that breakfast eaters have a tendency to weigh less? Yup! Those early morning eats prevent cravings later in the day. Who would have guessed!

That’s why we created easy breakfast foods like burritos, scramble bowls, and oatmeal. All of these are quick and easy breakfast options that can be ready in less than 5 minutes. But, for the days when you want something just a little bit ‘extra’ we have you covered there too!

Almost all 21 of these easy breakfast ideas can be made in less than 5 minutes. Some can be prepped the Sunday or night before, so the only time you’ll spend in the morning is opening the refrigerator door and grabbing your meal.

From meal prepped oatmeal to breakfast sandwiches and bagels, breakfast tacos, nachos and more. We have compiled a roundup of the most delicious easy breakfast ideas that you will want to keep on hand! Whether you decide to start the day sweet or savory, the one thing we can guarantee is that you will be out the door and off to a good start with one of these easy breakfast options in hand.

When you’re looking for a sweet start:

Strawberry Oatmeal Parfait

Easy Breakfast Strawberry Oatmeal Parfait

With a few simple ingredients, this Healthy Strawberry Oatmeal Parfait comes together in minutes making a fast and delicious way to start your day.

Meal Prep Oatmeal – 8 Ways

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Meal Prep Oatmeal

Oatmeal in a jar is the meal prep recipe that will change your morning routine. All it takes is 5 minutes of prep work the night before to ensure that you have an easy and energizing breakfast as you run out the door. A perfect grab-n-go idea!

Quick & Easy Oatmeal with Fruit

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Oatmeal and fruit

All you need is 3 minutes to cook this nutty bowl of oatmeal. Top it with fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup for a satisfying breakfast in less than 5 minutes.

Pancake Puffs With Fruit & Syrup

Easy Breakfast Ideas Pancake Puffs With Fruit

You would never believe that you could be enjoying pancakes for breakfast in less than 5 minutes. Tack on an extra minute or two to plate nicely and add some fruit and syrup….you have what feels like a Sunday brunch in no time!

Pancake Puff Yogurt Bowls

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Pancake Puff Yogurt Bowls

Sometimes a simple yogurt bowl is all you need. While your pancake puffs cook, add yogurt, granola, nuts/seeds and fruit to a bowl. You will have a fast breakfast with a balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats in less than 5 minutes.

Sweet & Savory Pancake Puffs

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Pancake Puffs and Egg White Patties

It’s a double date with our pancake puffs and egg white patties. This sweet and savory duo requires less than 5 minutes in the microwave. We added some fresh fruit and avocado for healthy fats and good measure.

PB&J Waffles Sandwiches

Easy Breakfast Ideas - PBJ Waffle Sandwiches

PBJ is a staple for both breakfast and lunch. Toast 2 of our frozen waffles and layer with your favorite nut butter and jam. You will be transported back to your childhood in less than 5 minutes.

Apple Walnut Waffles

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Apple Walnut Topped Waffles

Feeling something a little more fancy with your waffles? Take 1 minute to top them with your favorite yogurt, sliced apples, walnuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup. If you slice your apple while the waffles toast, then you can be diving into this plate in less than 5 minutes.

Simple Topped Buttermilk Waffles

Easy Breakfast Ideas - Buttermilk Waffles With Toppings

When everyone in the house wants something different, just pull out all of the stops! All 3 of these topping combinations are ready in less than 5 minutes!

Option 1: Vanilla yogurt + raspberries + pomegranate seeds

Option 2: Nutella + sliced pears + pomegranate seeds

Option 3: Peanut butter + bananas + shredded coconut


When you’re looking for a savory start:

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Potato Boats

Easy Breakfast Foods - Turkey Sausage Potato Boats

This easy to prepare Breakfast Turkey Sausage Potato Boat recipe is made with only 3 ingredients. Made in just minutes, baked potatoes are filled with our hearty Turkey Sausage Egg White Bowl and finished off with feta cheese for a balanced start to your day. Great for meal prep too!

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bowl Lettuce Wraps

Bacon Egg Breakfast Bowl Lettuce Wraps

Have you jumped on the lettuce wrap train yet? If not, this is an easy way to do it! Just cook up one of our Frozen Bacon Breakfast Bowls and wrap it inside crunchy layers of your favorite lettuce! It’s a perfect eat-on-the-go idea!

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl Tacos

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Tacos

Turkey Sausage Scramble Bowl Breakfast Tacos are a quick and nutrient dense way to kick-start your morning! With only 3 ingredients, this gluten-free breakfast can be in your hands in less than 5 minutes!

Bacon Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Nachos

Bacon Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Nachos

That’s right. We said Bacon & Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Nachos!  Tortilla chips layered with bacon, eggs, avocado, cojita cheese, fresh salsa, jalapeno, and cilantro make these breakfast nachos an epic way to start your day — in less than 5 minutes, of course!

Turkey Sausage Scramble Bowl and Pesto Toast

Turkey Sausage Scramble Bowl Toast

Are you a fan of toast Tuesday? We thought so! In that case, this combo is sure to satisfy! While toasting your favorite bread, cook your frozen breakfast meal in the microwave. When the toast is done layer it with pesto and your cooked breakfast bowl. The flavors are out of this world!

High Protein Egg White Breakfast Sandwiches

High Protein Egg White Patty Breakfast Sandwich

Never miss breakfast again with these easy to make, high protein egg white patty breakfast sandwiches. Great for mornings when you need something fast!

Make Ahead Egg White Patty Freezer Sandwiches

Make Ahead Egg White Patty Freezer Sandwiches

Easy Make-Ahead Egg White Patty Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches that are healthier than any fast food version! Whole grain English muffins are filled with high protein, low calorie egg white patties, lean ham, cheddar cheese for a quick and satisfying breakfast on-the-go!

Low Carb Egg White Patty Breakfast Tacos

Low Carb Egg White Patty Breakfast Tacos

Low Carb Egg White Patty Breakfast Tacos are a delicious, gluten-free, high-protein start to your day! Simple to make egg white patties are filled with guacamole, bacon, salsa, cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Bacon, Egg White Patty & Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon, Egg White Patty and Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

The secret to this epic sandwich? Having prepared bacon on hand and a few egg white patties that can be made in less than 2 minutes. Layer it all between 2 slices of toast with avocado (and cheese, if desired) for a killer start to your day!

Egg White Patty & Guacamole Bagels

Egg White Patty & Guacamole Bagels

Egg White Patty & Guacamole Breakfast Bagels are the way mornings were meant to start! Fresh bagels layered with an easy homemade guacamole, 60-second egg white patties and finished off with fresh cilantro. It doesn’t get any easier!

Southwestern Veggie Breakfast Burrito & Fruit

Southwestern Veggie Breakfast Burrito & Fruit

Who doesn’t love a breakfast burrito?! Warm one up in the microwave in less than 3 minutes and enjoy right away with fruit, or go one extra step and crisp the outside in a skillet to give it that golden color. Either way, this balanced plate can be ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

And when all else fails, just grab a burrito as you’re running out the door!Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Some days you just need to grab it and go! Toss one in your freezer bag and heat it at work for a 3 minute, easy, fast and balanced breakfast!









15 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Frozen Meals

Yes, we are big fans of popping a meal into the microwave when you need something fast. I mean, we wouldn’t be in business if we weren’t, right? But sometimes you want something just a little bit more, let’s say, ‘homemade.’ There is no need to make something completely from scratch when you can go the “semi-homemade” route instead. You know, by combining your favorite frozen meal with a few other ingredients and giving it a little bit of flare.

We put together these 15 recipes to elevate your frozen meal into something easy and fun! Oh, and let’s not forget delicious. Your friends and family won’t believe that these recipes started from frozen.

Egg White Patties

Egg White Patty Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg White Patty & Guacamole Breakfast Bagel

You wouldn’t believe that this high protein breakfast bagel could be made in less than 3 minutes! Plus, egg (whites) and avocado. Pretty much a breakfast requirement, right?

Egg White Patty & Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg White Patty & Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Life is always better when bacon is involved. This breakfast sandwich made with whole grain bread, spinach, cheese, egg white patties and bacon comes together in less than 10 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to order at your local coffee shop.

Egg White Patty B.L.T Salad

Egg White Patty BLT Salad

We told you life was better with bacon! Skip the bread and add in some fresh greens for a low carb meal made with your favorite BLT ingredients like egg white patties in 5 minutes flat!

Low Carb Egg White Patty Breakfast Tacos

Low Carb Egg White Patty Breakfast Tacos

Tacos for breakfast? We think so. The best part? No taco shells are needed. Our high-protein egg white patties do just the trip helping you scoop that bacon, avocado, and salsa straight to your mouth.

Breakfast Scramble Bowls

Breakfast Turkey Sausage Scramble Bowl Potato Boats

Sail away, sail away….with these turkey breakfast potato boats. Use your leftover potatoes and fill them with our high-protein breakfast scramble bowl for a smooth sailing morning.

Bacon & Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Pizza

Uncured Bacon & Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Pizza

Just when you thought pizza wasn’t meant for breakfast. In swoops, this recipe made with your favorite store-bought crust and our bacon Egg Scramble bowl.

Open Faced Southwestern Veggie Bowl Omelette

Open Faced Southwestern Veggie Bowl Omelette

Your Sunday brunch guests will definitely be impressed! Who knew that topping your simple egg omelet with our flavorful Southwestern Veggie Scramble bowl could result in such a simple, yet fancy meal!

Bacon & Egg Scramble Bowl Skillet Breakfast Nachos

Bacon & Egg Scramble Bowl Breakfast Nachos

This is nacho average breakfast! Grab your favorite tortilla chips and toss them in a skillet and finish them off with our Bacon Egg Scramble bowl, avocado, salsa, cheese, and cilantro!

Entree Meals

Chicken Black Bean Bowl Pizza

Chicken Black Bean Bowl Pizza

It may not be as fun as pizza for breakfast, but it still beats Friday night takeout any day! A simple pizza crust topped with our Chicken Black Bean Bowl not only has more protein and fiber than your local pizzeria pizza but is cheaper, too!

Steak Black Bean Bowl Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Steak & Black Bean Bowl Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the perfect vessel for everything, don’t you think? Meal prep a few extra sweet potatoes on Sunday and then fill them with our Steak Black Bean bowl for a hearty, satisfying and fiber-rich meal that is ready in less than 5 minutes.

Buffalo Style Chicken Mac & Cheese Sliders

buffalo style chicken mac & cheese sliders

You know when your friends call you last minute to bring something to the weekend BBQ or football party? This is your solution. A few slider rolls, our Buffalo Chicken Style Mac & Cheese and bacon. Enough said.

Chicken Black Bean Bowl Sheet Pan Nachos

Chicken Black Bean Bowl Sheet Pan Nachos

Don’t we all have those nights when we just want to eat nachos and watch Netflix? Easy solution? Top your favorite tortillas with our Chicken Black Bean Bowl, cheese, guacamole and you are set for movie night!

Pancake Puffs

Pancake Puff Ice Cream Sundae Bowls

Pancake Puff Ice Cream Sundae Bowls

Is it breakfast or is it dessert? Either way, sweetening up your pancake puffs with a few toppings is sure to please any crowd! Or go all out and have a “build your own” pancake puff ice cream sundae bar! We bet everyone will love it.


Dark Chocolate Waffle Dippers

Dark Chocolate Waffle Dippers

Studies show that if you start your day with chocolate you have a tendency to weigh less. That is reason enough for us to dip our waffles into some heart-healthy dark chocolate and enjoy!


8 Fun Ways To Eat Oatmeal

They say “Variety is the spice of life”, right? And they also say, “Eat The Rainbow.” So, we figure why not knock out 2 birds with one stone and meal prep our organic oatmeal 8 different ways.

Reliable Fuel for When You’re in a Hurry

While you don’t need to wait for the New Year to establish resolutions for yourself, January normally ushers in a wave of motivation and a “go get ‘em” attitude for many. Whether you’re planning to tackle a big project at work for a promotion, build a healthier habit of physical activity a few times per week, or resolving to be more active in your community, many of these activities cause life to become a bit busier. Yet, that shouldn’t mean that nutrition and healthy fueling go by the wayside!

So, to help you ensure that good nutrition is still a part of your efforts to create and conquer a new goal, we’re sharing some tips for reliable fuel to eat when life gets a little hurried.


It’s oftentimes cited as the meal most difficult to squeeze into a busy morning, but the benefits of breakfast are many! With a little pre-planning you can be out the door quickly, but with a properly nourished body.

  •  Overnight Oats: an excellent gab-and-go option that can be made the night before for a day of mobile fuel. Oats provide soluble fiber to fill you up and sustain your energy levels throughout those important early morning meetings. Get creative with the toppings- add some nuts for protein, fresh fruit for essential vitamins and minerals, and something fun, like shredded coconut!
  • Breakfast Burritos: a one-handed way to spice up your morning. Eggs are amazingly versatile and can be cooked in a microwave to save major time. While the eggs are being cooked, simply layer a tortilla with some pre-chopped pico de gallo and a slice of cheese, then spoon on the eggs, wrap, and go! Or if even more strapped for time, microwave a Sriracha Scramble while you’re packing your bags for the office.
  • Frozen to Hot Oatmeal: if bringing your breakfast from home isn’t an option, is there a way you can fit it in at work? If your office has a freezer, the Organic Unsweetened Steel Cut Oatmeal can be reheated at work in a mere 3 minutes. With a jar of nut butter at your desk to add a spoonful of plant-protein, this breakfast practically makes itself.


Lunch is one of those meals that is either the biggest meal of a person’s day or it can get skipped all together; however, one that’s too large can leave you feeling sluggish, whereas not eating anything could turn you into a ravenous fridge-raider later that night. Try finding a balance with these easy lunch options that can fit in between the day’s tasks.

Snack Plate: toss some odds and ends into a lunch box and call it a midday meal. A few snack items from each food group can make up a nutritious lunch in no time at all. Try whole grain crackers, some slices of cheese, a piece of fruit, and an easy vegetable like baby carrots or pre-sliced bell pepper strips.

Dinner Again: stash some food from last night’s dinner in a container for your next day’s lunch. The mindset of “cook once, eat twice” is ideal for when on a time crunch. These leftovers could be anything from a soup that needs to be quickly reheated at work, to a salad of left over roasted veggies, quinoa, and chickpeas that can be eaten cold in between juggling kids and activities.

Heated Up Healthy: when you don’t have time to pack lunch, but would prefer to not turn to fast food, grab a healthy frozen option that only takes minutes in a microwave. A Chicken Black Bean Bowl could be your answer to good nutrition in a hurry!


The end of the day undoubtedly brings more chaos- wrapping up work, picking up kids, and walking the dog- so dinner needs to be fast and painless. To make that happen, let others do the work for you!

Sheet Pan Meals: grab a large sheet pan and let your oven do the rest of the work. Toss your favorite vegetables in olive oil, lay them alongside some seasoned chicken breasts, and bake for 20-30 minutes. While it’s cooking, go help your kids with homework, and come back to a fully cooked, fuss-free dinner.

Slow Cooker: dinner could be ready and waiting for you with the help of a crock-pot. Dump in the ingredients for your favorite soup or chili in the morning, let it simmer all day, and walk into dinner already taken care of.

Halfway to Dinner: pick up something like a rotisserie chicken or pre-cooked salmon filets from the deli counter to get half of the dinner figured out. Using a pre-cooked protein saves time and let’s you focus on other, equally easy, dinner tasks such as putting together a green salad and cooking up brown rice.


Let’s say all of your planning for quick and easy meals didn’t go, well, to plan. Snacks on the go can be an answer to reliable fuel if chosen wisely.

Energy Bites: making up a batch of portable energy bites over the weekend could save you on a particularly busy day. Typically made with dates, nuts, and extras like hemp seeds, coconut flakes, or chocolate chips, these bites can be calorie dense and packed with healthy fats and protein to satisfy a midday hunger pang.

Roasted Chickpeas: a portable option that’s plant based. Protein snacks are great to sustain hunger and energy levels, but so many are perishable (think cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese). Roasted chickpea snacks are now sold pre-packaged, are a great crunchy snack option, and come in a variety of exciting flavors.

Fruit and a Friend: toss an apple or banana into your bag or desk drawer, but don’t forget its protein friend! Some dry roasted almonds, pistachios, or a squeezable peanut butter packet are great additions to a crunchy fruit snack

Article Courtesy of: Casey Seiden MS, RD,CDE 

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition For Optimal Health

As the New Year rolls in there is one thing that is sure to happen: the gym gets SO much busier! As a year-round gym-goer myself, rather than seeing the extra foot traffic and machine usage as a nuisance I see it in a positive light. I love that so many people are thinking about their physical health and making time for a sweat session! 

Whether you’re adding a new fitness routine in as part of your New Year’s resolution or if you’re continuing your usual routine it’s important to make sure your nutrition is being considered, too.  Making sure you are adequately fueling your body will help you to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and safe way. Here are three key nutrition tips to fuel your active lifestyle!

  1. Pre-Workout Fuel: Before working out it is important to give your body the energy to actually do the workout. This is best done by focusing on giving your body carbohydrates, while also adding in little protein. The carbohydrates are most important for giving you energy and the protein will allow your muscles to begin repairing. You might try toast and peanut butter, cereal and milk, oatmeal, or a yogurt cup.
  2. PostWorkout Fuel: Just as it’s important to give your body proper nutrition before you workout, it’s just as important to give it the energy it needs to recover. Your muscles need protein to help them repair, and when they’re given adequate nutrition after exercise they will repair even stronger than they were! Our muscles also deplete their energy stores during exercise, which will need to be replaced. After a workout make sure to focus on consuming protein to really help those muscles repair while adding in some carbohydrates to restore your energy. Some great options are chocolate milk, greek yogurt and granola, a burrito, or a turkey sandwich.
  3. Hydration: Giving yourself enough water is something that is often forgotten. However, it’s so important when you’re physically active! Water is needed for our bodies to produce sweat, which helps to keep us cool and prevent overheating during workouts. Not consuming enough water can also lead to muscle fatigue and cramping, not ideal during a workout! It’s a good idea to keep a water bottle on you to sip on before, during and after exercise.

Now, you may also be wondering what the best strategy is for nutrition in order to reach your fitness goals. There are so many out there like calorie counting, macro counting, sticking to a paleo diet, etc. So, what should you do? My advice, and personal experience is none of the above. I highly recommend adapting an intuitive eating approach to nutrition.

When you stick to strict food rules, such as “X” number of calories a day, only allowing yourself so much of each macro, or avoiding food groups you can set you up for developing a disordered eating pattern, and possibly lead to an eating disorder. As someone who has personally recovered from a  6 -year struggle with an eating disorder, it has become my passion to help others avoid this.

What is intuitive eating? To put it simply, intuitive eating is normal eating. It’s about learning to understand which foods make your body feel it’s best, in turn allowing it to function optimally and help you achieve your fitness goals. Intuitive eating is not a diet, it is a sustainable way of eating. This last part is key. Intuitive eating is NOT a diet.  Research has consistently shown that 95% of diets don’t work and that the end result is usually MORE weight gain! Additionally, diets cause stress, anxiety, and frustration. And I don’t know about you, but that is not something I need more of in my life! I’m guessing you don’t either.

So, with intuitive eating, you may be thinking you’ll simply eat cookies and cake all the time. Well, this isn’t exactly true. At first, you may consume higher amounts of these foods, which is necessary for your body to realize that these foods are not restricted, they are not bad, and they can have them whenever they want. Once your body realizes this there is less of a desire for these foods because they’re no longer seen as “off limits”, which only makes us want them even more. Additionally, you’ll begin to realize which foods fuel your body optimally, such as a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and, for many, dairy. By learning to eat intuitively you’ll also find your “set point weight”. This is the weight that your body wants to be and can maintain effortlessly, without thought.

After learning to become an intuitive eater I can personally say that I am in the best shape of my life. By learning to listen to my body I have been able to gain more muscle and strength that I ever was able to when I followed food rules and restrictions. No two bodies are the same and no one can possible know what your body needs besides YOU. That is why it is so important to become in-tune with your body and learn to listen to what it is telling you it needs. Our bodies are pretty smart about what they need, but we have to listen to them in order to get that information.

Another benefit from becoming an intuitive eater is the mental space you’ll gain. Counting calories or macros or constantly thinking about what foods you can and cannot eat takes SO much energy! When you become and intuitive eater you will spend less time thinking about food and spend more time and energy living! For instance, when you’re in your fitness class or lifting weights you can focus on the workout you are doing rather than being consumed with food thoughts. This will actually allow you to have a better workout since you’ll be able to focus on the here-and-now!

So, as we start the New Year, and likely new fitness routines, let’s focus on fueling our body optimally without food rules and restrictions! You’ll find yourself much more healthy and happy!

Article courtesy of: Colleen Christensen, R.D.

Cozy Self-Care Rituals to Try During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — yet it also might be one of the most stressful. The holidays are usually jam-packed with stuff — ranging from lots of food and family time to holiday parties, evening events, gift giving, and trips to visit loved ones.

When you jam a lot of good into a month or so, it begins to take a toll on your mental and physical health. Whether you love or loathe the holidays, you’re going to undoubtedly feel tired, stressed, and most likely in need for some solo chill time.

It’s important to take care of yourself so you can stay energized and joyful as we head towards the new year! Rather than simply describing a few typical self-care tips, here are some especially comfy ones you can do to feel extra cozy and cared-for this holiday season.

7 Cozy Self-Care Rituals for the Holidays

Meditate lying down. Meditating is a hard but super rewarding habit to form. Yet no matter how seasoned of a meditator you are, it’s sometimes uncomfortable! (I’ve been there: trying to keep my back upright, my shoulders relaxed, and instead I’m thinking about my aching spine and hips.) I recently discovered that meditating while lying down allows me to focus way more on my breathing than my body. It’s also way more comfortable! So give it a whirl; lie down on a soft floor (carpet works great) and focus on counting your inhales and exhales. For some guided support, use an app like Headspace or Calm. Keep it cozy by wearing warm socks, and if you have it, turn on a diffuser that’s filled with peppermint and lavender oil to really set the mood.

Enjoy a cup of tea before bed. Tea is scientifically proven to be calming and relaxing while packing a punch when it comes to nutritional benefits. In the cold months, get into the habit of sipping on some herbal teas, which can be great for fighting colds, boosting your immune system, and improving digestion. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably eating a bit more than you normally do during the holidays — so anything to help your stomach digest food is an A+ in my book!

Take a warm bath with essential oils. Nobody can bother you when you’re in the bathroom. Put your tub to good use and start taking more bubble baths! The warm water will soothe your body and mind, and the quiet time will allow you to disconnect from others. Leave your phone behind and take a book with you to the bath instead. For some extra calming effects, add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil. You’ll feel like you’re at a spa.

Up the ante on your sleep. Sleep is always super important, but it might be even more critical during the holidays. Stay cognizant of how many Zzz’s you’re getting a night, and try not to lose sleep no matter how packed your schedule might be. Squeezing in some afternoon naps may help, too, so if you have the flexibility to doze off for a bit during the day, take advantage of that as a way to recharge.

Try yin yoga. Yoga is always a great tool for relaxing your mind. Yin is especially a helpful way to give yourself some self-love. Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses that are typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, with the goal of accessing deeper layers of the fascia tissues. It’s both intense and extremely rejuvenating; you’ll leave the class feeling like you have a new set of muscles!

Do things by candlelight. For some reason, the flickering of a candle adds a mood to the room that’s both calming and soothing. Decorate your home with candles throughout the house, and use them when you’re reading at night, while you’re taking said bubble bath, or when you’re having a romantic dinner with friends or loved ones. Dim the lights and break out the wicks — the atmosphere it creates will most certainly make your spirits soar.

Eat well with room for indulgence. Food is often the main attraction during the holidays. And while nobody can argue that holiday cookies aren’t delicious, the number of sweets and salts we eat can become stressful. Rather than worrying about an uptick in your cookie consumption, give yourself a healthy bout of room for indulging, while focusing on eating healthy whenever possible. You can eat that extra slice of pie, and then perhaps make yourself a healthful veggie omelet the next morning. Maybe skip the second glass of wine and instead make a cup of hot tea to enjoy before bed.

At the end of the day, the holidays are all about balance: balancing social stuff with solo-time, eating both salads and sweets, and checking in with yourself to see if you’re taking on too much. Hopefully, these self-care suggestions can help you feel a little bit more ease and allow you to enjoy all the fun and love that encompasses this time of the year.